Winter Pruning

Winter can be a good time for pruning trees. This has much to do with insects and diseases being dormant at the time due to the cold temperatures. Another reason why it is ideal to prune trees in the winter is because the arborist is able to see what needs to be trimmed due to the leaves being gone. Dead branches or those dying from disease or infestation can be removed so the rest of the tree is saved.

When trees are pruned, low hanging and intrusive branches are removed so that storm damage can be reduced. Minnesota winters are known for large amounts of snow at one time. Trees can break under the weight of the snow and ice. Eliminating weak points can reduce this breakage. If the odds are not reduced, breakage can injure a tree, so this makes proper pruning an important preventative healthcare measure.

Other Benefits Of Winter Pruning

Winter pruning also does the following:

  • Controls tree size
  • Keeps evergreens well proportioned
  • Removes fruiting structures that take away from the tree’s appearance
  • Removal of limbs that can hurt people or structures
  • Trees can be trimmed back to not block intersections or traffic lights

Tree Species

The tree species is going to determine when it is best to prune. There are some that should be pruned after they bloom in the spring or summer. However, honey locusts, flowering crabapples, hawthorns, mountain ash, and prune apple trees are examples of trees that should be pruned in late winter. Any other time of the year could result in die-back or dying at the pruning sites. This is why you need a Minneapolis tree service to take care of the pruning task for you. You want to make sure it is done at the proper time and with the proper techniques and equipment.

Evergreens such as spruces, firs, and Douglas firs should also be pruned with care. Evergreens do not have to be pruned often, as they are hardy and tend to maintain their shape better than deciduous trees. When they do need pruned, late winter pruning is ideal because pruning should occur before the tree starts growing again.

Contact A Knowledgeable Tree Service

Our arborists know when the time is right to prune certain species of trees. They also know how to properly prune the trees so they will be ready to become beautiful once again in the spring. When spring comes around and leaves begin growing back on the trees, you will notice the change in shape, appearance, and overall health. To obtain your free quote, call us at 1-800-311-3919 today.