All About Pruning

Every tree is going to need pruned at some point. While trees do so on their own to an extent in the way of losing damaged twigs and branches, there are parts of themselves that they can’t shed on their own. Giving them a little help can make a considerable difference.

When they do shed pieces of themselves on their own, the result is twigs and branches falling on your roof, your car, and in your yard. Pruning can reduce the chances of trees shedding pieces of themselves in the worst places at the worst times. This also means storm damage can be reduced due to the removal of weak branches.

Cost Effectiveness

There is a great deal of cost effectiveness that is had when utilizing our Minneapolis tree service to take care of your pruning needs. One reason is the prevention of expensive tree removal. If a tree becomes diseased or infested with insects, it is only a matter of time before it dies. This death means the tree needs to be removed and destroyed. Pruning can reduce the chances of infestation or infection and can also be a good treatment for diseased or infested trees by removing the affected parts.

Pruning will also maintain the strength of trees. This is important for when windstorms occur. Unfortunately, windstorms can topple trees that are structurally weak due to disease or insect infestation. These trees can damage homes and cars, as well as turn a perfect yard into a warzone. The damage caused can result in undue expenses, depending upon the level of insurance that you have to cover such damage.


When a tree or shrub is pruned, it simply looks better. Old branches can be removed from shrubs and weak and broken ones from trees. The size of oversized trees and shrubs can be reduced and they can have a much more attractive shape to them. Pruning also enhances flowering, allowing flowering plants to produce more blooms. At the same time, new growth is encouraged and this extends the life of the plant.

Plant Health And Safety

The removal of dead branches of all sizes, those that are rubbing together, those that are stacked, and any branches that are hazardous to people or property preserves the health of the tree or shrub. In addition, good structural balance is maintained. Trees that lack this balance can become very dangerous and, usually, this danger is not seen until it is too late.

Contact A Qualified Tree Service

Of course you want your landscaping to look fantastic and you want to be safe on your property as well. To make sure that all of your trees and shrubs remain safe and are non-hazardous to property, other plants, people, and animals, call us today at 1-800-311-3919 to obtain your free quote.