Shrub Pruning

Just like trees, shrubs can grow rather large and disproportionate. Parts of them can also become infested with insects and disease, which means pruning is needed to keep them alive. Pruning also improves flowering. This is because pruning reduces the amount of wood within the shrub, allowing the plant to put its energy into the flowering process.

In addition, the shrub simply looks healthier and that is because it is. It will live longer due to being less likely to succumb to disease and insects. Pruning can also be a good safeguard against the heavy snow and ice that occurs during the winters.

When To Prune Shrubs

If you are not sure if it is time for your shrubs to be pruned, we can help you. It is important to know the answer because certain types of shrubs do not respond well to pruning during certain seasons. For instance, the wood of some species can become more susceptible to the winter weather if pruned in the winter. For many shrubs, it can be best to prune them in late summer, but doing so can prevent growth in other shrub species due to not having enough time to grow before cold weather comes. The best time to prune is typically based upon when the shrub flowers. This can mean some types of shrubs do best when pruned in the spring, especially if they flower in the summer. Light corrective pruning throughout the year is usually okay.

Evergreens may require minimal pruning, but may still have restrictions as to when they need to be pruned. Narrowleaf evergreens, for instance, do better when they are pruned in the winter. This is ideal for those individuals wishing to have them pruned before the holidays. Overall, timing is less critical with Narrowleaf evergreens (pine, cedar, juniper, yew, and spruce). Timing can be everything with other species.

Contact An Experienced Tree Service

Timing is everything when it comes to pruning your shrubs. Shrub species, age, and condition are all factors that determine the type of pruning that is needed. To find out if it is time to prune your shrubs and to receive a free quote on our shrub trimming services, call us today at 1-800-311-3919