Pruning Techniques

Pruning is very beneficial to trees and shrubs, which is why it needs to be done at the proper times. Our Minneapolis tree service has the knowledge and the expertise needed to determine when the ideal time is to prune a tree or shrub and what method is going to be best for it. A tree or shrub that is not properly pruned or pruned at the right time can die. In fact, improper pruning and “topping” are culprits behind why there are a number of plant types that see their demise prematurely. Improper pruning occurs right behind disease and insects when it comes to reasons why trees and shrubs die before their time.

Types Of Pruning

There are different types of pruning that our Minneapolis tree service uses to ensure the shrub is taken care of properly. The types include:

  • Pinching – Removing a green shoot before it becomes woody and firm.
  • Heading – Cutting back the terminal portion of a woody branch to a branch or a healthy bud so that shoot growth can be stimulated.
  • Thinning – A branch may be cut off at its point of origin if it is old or very tall to encourage new growth, but thinning that is done too much can make the shrub look straggly.
  • Rejuvenation – This is pruning that removes the old branches near the ground first so that only the younger branches are left.
  • Shearing – This is a method that should mainly be used on foundation plants so that formal hedges can be formed. Care must be used because of the thick growth that shearing can cause. This thick growth can prevent sunlight from reaching the center of the plant, thus causing the foliage in the center to die.

Determining The Proper Technique

Our arborists will take a look at the tree or shrub to see if there are dead branches, diseased areas, weak areas, etc. What is seen is going to determine the pruning method needed. However, the timing must also be right. Some trees and shrubs should only be pruned during certain times of the year and there are several reasons for this.

The first reason why timing is everything is because the tree or shrub has to have time to heal itself before disease and insects start running rampant again. Freshly exposed wood can become easily infected or infested if exposed at the wrong time. It is also important to look at when a particular tree or shrub flowers. The reason is because the pruning needs to be done before the growing season so that the blooms are more beautiful than they would be otherwise. Basically, pruning facilitates new growth, but new growth cannot occur if pruning occurs at the wrong time.

Contact A Qualified Tree Service

It is imperative that trees and shrubs are pruned at the right time using the right techniques. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your trees and shrubs receive the right treatment. To find out more about how we ensure the health of your trees and shrubs, call us at 1-800-311-3919 for your free quote.