Harmful Pruning Techniques

Unfortunately, there are harmful pruning techniques that exist that can cut short the life of a tree or shrub. Two of the most common are topping and tipping. Topping involves the trimming down of large upright branches in order to reduce the height of the tree. Tipping involves cutting lateral branches in order to reduce the width of the crown.

These two techniques and others can cause unnecessary and unrecoverable injury to trees. Stem tissues are damaged, causing decay, and wood closure that is delayed can cause fungi to enter the tree.

Improper Timing

Every species of tree or shrub has a proper time of year when it should be pruned. For instance, conifers can be pruned most any time of the year, but pruning while they are dormant can reduce the amount of resin and sap flow from the cut branches.

Oak’s and many deciduous trees can invite a variety of diseases and harmful insects if not pruned in late fall. Many oak trees die from improper timing on pruning.

Improper Tool Choice

Not using the right kind of tool can also be harmful. The type of tool that is used depends on the branch size and how much pruning needs to be done. The tools also need to be sharp, cleaned, and sanitized to avoid the spread of any fungi. Cross contamination from infected trees the tools have been used on to uninfected trees is not uncommon. Nonetheless, pruning during the dormant season can reduce the prevalence of cross contamination.

Not Treating Wounds

If a tree has to be pruned during a critical time of year or it is pruned at the wrong time accidentally, then the wounds need to be treated. Failure to do so can result in disease and insects making the tree a home. There are types of wound dressing available to treat wounds and our Minneapolis tree service can help you with this.

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