Stump Grinding

Once a tree is cut down, all that is left is the stump. However, leaving the stump is not really an option because it is an eyesore and it can make mowing around it difficult. It may also still contain the fungus or insects that originally led to the cutting down of the tree in the first place and this could put nearby trees at risk.

When the staff at our Minneapolis tree service removes a stump, we use mechanical means because doing so is faster and allows us to remove the stump in a way that makes it less obvious a tree was ever present. At the same time, we are able to minimize any damage done to property surrounding the tree stump.

The Grinding Process

When removing a stump, we use a grinding process that is done by a mechanical grinder. Because the stump can extend below the surface a number of inches, it is important to completely grind it into sawdust and then remove that sawdust, disposing of it properly. In the meantime, we have to take and maintain safety precautions, such as making sure there are no small rocks in the area of the machine that can damage the teeth that are used in the grinding.

We also wear safety gear and encourage no bystanders because it is possible for debris to become airborne and cause injury. Nonetheless, we operate our machinery in the safest way possible in order to protect people and the surrounding landscape. This involves carrying out the process at a proper pace. While the grinding process is faster and cleaner than other methods, the size of the stump will determine how long it takes.

Once we have ground the tree stump down to nothing, there may be a small crater left behind, but this is filled by topsoil so that grass can be planted. As the grass grows, the area will blend in well with the surrounding landscape. It is no longer obvious that there was ever a tree standing where it once stood.

Contact An Experienced Tree Service

The removal of the tree stump can be as important as the removal of the tree itself. That is why you want to make sure it is removed carefully and quickly. Once the stump is gone, it will not take long for your yard to appear as if a tree was never there. To receive a free quote on tree stump removal, call us at 1-800-311-3919.