Hazardous Tree Removal

If a tree has been stricken by disease or insect infestation, it may become a hazard. The structure becomes weak, which could cause the tree to fall. It has probably already lost large branches due to weather and could possibly be completely dead. The last thing you want is for a wind, snow, or ice to knock the tree over. This can damage property and can severely injure or even kill people and animals.

Trees may also be a hazard if they have been allowed to grow into power lines. Trees that hit utility lines can injure people, start fires, or cause power outages. Even if a line is down, it can continue to conduct electricity and that is something that can create a very dangerous scenario.

Signs A Tree Needs Removed

There are a number of signs that suggest a tree is hazardous and needs to be removed by our Minneapolis tree service. Those signs are:

  • A tree that is dead with hanging or detached branches
  • Cavities of rotten wood in the trunk and major branches
  • The tree has been topped or heavily pruned
  • The tree does not sprout leaves anymore
  • The tree is leaning
  • The trunk is cracked or split

If you see any of these signs, it is important to contact us as soon as possible because the tree could fall at any time and cause injuries or severe damage to your property. We remove the tree and dispose of it in a careful manner. Because trees may be severely diseased or infested with insects, it is important that we take measures that keep nearby trees from becoming affected.

Tree Removal

When it is time to remove trees, our climbers are able to remove trees of all sizes. We are also able to remove trees in locations that are hard to reach. During the careful tree removal process, we ensure your property is not damaged. We evaluate the situation and we use the method that is best suited for the tree type, size, and location, while ensuring the surroundings are preserved. When a tree is an eyesore or a safety hazard, the last thing you want is property damage that simply replaces one eyesore with another.

Contact An Expert Tree Service Today

When a tree is no longer structurally sound, it is a must to have it removed as soon as possible. That way you can ensure that no people or your property will be damaged by a falling tree. Unfortunately, trees that are weak are destined to fall if they are not removed first. To obtain your free quote on hazardous tree removal, call us at 1-800-311-3919.