Pest Treatment

When you have trees, shrubs, and other plants on your property, you are most likely familiar with some of the different pests that prey upon your beautiful foliage. Deer, for instance, will eat leaves from trees if the leaves are within their reach. Other plants may also be consumed by rabbits, moles, or geese.

The list doesn’t stop here, however. Pests also include the over 100 insects that can invade tree and plant species, eventually killing them if these small pests are not eradicated early. These insects can include the emerald ash borer, Japanese beetle, box elder, ants, grubs, and mosquitoes.

Natural Pest Removal

Fortunately, bioTree is a Minneapolis tree service that is one of the few in the country using natural pest controls. We utilize a number of natural methods to control the many bugs and animals that can prey on your trees, shrubs, and other plants. For instance, we can repel the deer, geese, moles, and rabbits with our all natural liquid repellants that have a very low odor and last for months. We have a repellant that is specific to each species. We have several organic topical insect controls to get rid of mites, ants, caterpillars, and other problematic insects.

To rid your trees of boring insects, we inject the trees so that the treatment is localized. Localizing a treatment like this means that chemicals are not threatening different plant species nearby. It also means that you, your family, your neighbors, and anyone passing by are not breathing in harmful chemicals that can be carried through the air. We take great pride in the environmentally friendly methods we use to ensure the health of plant life and the health of the people who enjoy it.

Contact An Environmentally Friendly Tree Service

We are proud to utilize natural pest control methods to avoid further contamination of the environment and to preserve human health. Whether your pest control issue is animals or bugs, we have the tools to make them go away. To obtain your free quote, call us at 1-800-311-3919.