Nutrition & Fertilization

Nutrition and fertilization go hand-in-hand when it comes to caring for plants. Plants have to have nutrients from the soil to survive and fertilizer can ensure those nutrients are in check. When plants and trees live in the same spots for years at a time, the health of the soil is going to have to be maintained so that plants remain healthy.

Nutrient Deficiencies

When a tree or other plant is suffering from a nutrient deficiency, it does not necessarily mean that the soil is lacking the nutrients that it needs. Some soil types or soils with a high pH can cause a tree to lose access to the nutrients it needs, such as manganese and iron. These nutrient deficiencies lead to stress, which then leads to dieback. Dieback can then result in death if the nutrient issue is not rectified as soon as a problem is noticed.


Fertilization is very important because Minneapolis metro is an urban area. Nutrients in the urban soil are lacking because there is no organic matter breakdown. This has a lot to do with the removal of dead leaves after they have fallen from trees. If the leaves were to remain on the lawn, then they would break down and provide nutrients to the soil that would then provide more nutrients to the trees. Fortunately, our Minneapolis tree service can prescribe deep root fertilization so that the trees can receive the nutrients that urban soils tend to lack. Fertilization and then adding wood mulch around the root zone of the tree can simulate a natural wooded environment.

Compost Tea

bioTree uses advanced Aerated Compost Tea in our deep root fertilizing to activate your soil and add living organic matter back to your ecosystem. Good compost tea will continue to grow helpful micro organism and continue to produce quality organic matter in your soil. Brewing healthy batches of tea is akin to brewing quality beverages. It takes time, experience, and quality ingredients.

Proper Watering

Watering is vital because one of the reasons why new plants and trees do not survive is due to not being watered properly. Proper watering is also important for the nutrients within the soil. Watering the plants the way they should be is important within the first year so that healthy root systems can be established.

What many individuals wonder, however, is how much water is enough and how much is too much? This is another area we can advise you in. How much water the tree or plant needs depends upon the plant type, its size, humidity, temperature, soil type, and soil conditions. Soil should be moist at all times, but it should not be saturated. If the soil is sandy, it is going to require more water than a clay soil that holds moisture better. If the plant is over watered, then it can be just as harmful is under watering. Proper watering techniques with fertilization and other methods to maintain soil health will ensure healthy trees and plants.

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