Tree Growth Problems

When you plant a tree, you expect it to grow. When it fails to grow at all or grows at a slow rate, this can be cause for concern.

There are several reasons as to why a tree may not grow. Perhaps there is not enough room for the roots to grow, roots may be wrapped around the trunk (girdling roots), there is little room for the tree to grow, the tree is growing against a structure, or power or telephone lines are in the way.

Common Tree Growth Issues

While the aforementioned problems are quite common, there are some other causes for stunted tree growth. They include:

  • Grade change – removing or adding soil in the area of the root system can result in the accidental of feeder roots that cause shock to the tree.
  • Drought – If a tree doesn’t get enough water to meet its needs, it cannot flourish.
  • Poor drainage – Poor drainage can cause excess moisture. In areas where the soil may be like heavy clay due to the moisture, the excess water cannot drain.
  • Gas leaks – A dying tree can be an indicator that there is a gas leak in the area. Even if nearby shrubs are fine, the gas can travel horizontally into the tree’s root system.
  • Lightning – Trees are hit by lightning strikes all of the time. Most of the time, the strike will leave damage in the way of hanging bark on the tree, but some trees show no sign of the strike, although it is still dying. Branches at the top of the tree tend to die first and, sometimes, a few dying branches doesn’t mean the tree can’t be saved by our Minneapolis tree service.
  • Septic tank leak – The chemicals and waste contained in a septic tank can leak out and kill the roots.
  • Spraying injuries – If chemicals are being sprayed on some species of trees to protect them, nearby trees may not be able to withstand the chemical. Spraying herbicides and weed killers can also be culprits because the wind can carry the chemicals to the tree even if you spray on the opposite side of your yard. Leaves that start looking cupped or twisted may be the result of sprayed chemicals.

Of course, there are many other causes. For instance, trees along the street can be damaged by the salt trucks salting the roads in the winter when it snows. Then again, there are some cases where some trees simply don’t do well in certain neighborhoods.

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