Tree Ailments

bioTree makes it a goal to keep sick trees alive. This is so the trees on your property can remain beautiful and healthy. We treat your trees the way we would treat our own. In fact, our staff is very passionate and takes great pride in preserving the trees within the area so that they can remain lush and vibrant.

There are a number of reasons why you want to use a Minneapolis tree service to maintain the health of your trees. First of all, trees have evolved over millions of years, but they did so in forest conditions. This means that your yard does not contain the established soils, deep mulch, and natural draining systems that trees once enjoyed. By keeping them healthy despite the absence of their natural conditions, you can avoid the possibility of expensive tree removal in the future.

Common Tree Ailments

There are a number of common ailments that can inflict a number of tree species throughout Minnesota. While not all can be cured, but there are preventative methods that can keep your trees healthy. Some common ailments include:

  • Pine Beetles – Pine beetles can kill a tree very fast. They bore galleys under the tree’s bark and lay eggs. The blue stain fungus that these insects carry makes them fatal to a tree. A healthy pine tree can repel the attack. Prevention is key since there is no cure. You know you have pine beetles if the tree is leaking sap, has a bad odor, and has sawdust trails by the base of the tree.
  • Scale Insects and Aphids – Scale insects and aphids can be prevented and the issue can be cured. They like to extract tree sap and they will excrete it, which is why you may find tree sap on your car if you have parked it under a tree.
  • Ambrosia Beetles – Ambrosia beetles bore into trees, creating fungal colonies and this can kill the tree. They cannot be cured, but there are preventative measures that can ward them off. You know you have ambrosia beetles if you find sawdust trails at the base of the tree.

These are just some of the illnesses that can strike trees. Others can include Dutch Elm Disease, the fatal Hypoxylon Canker, Wood decaying fungus, Bacterial Wetwood, and a variety of others. Routine care can prevent these diseases or cure them.

Contact An Experienced Tree Care Company

Tree health is important to the beauty of your yard and for the environment. It is also ideal to ensure measures are taken to keep tree destroying insects off of your property. For a free quote, call bioTree at 1-800-311-3919.