Storm Damaged Trees

Storm damage can be devastating to trees in that injured trees can potentially die due to being damaged. The reason why the damage can be so critical is because parts of the trees are exposed that shouldn’t be. It should be noted, however, that storm damage doesn’t happen from just wind, but it can also happen from flood. The good news is that the trees can survive if they are given the right kind of care.

Evaluate The Damage

After the storm, you need to assess the damage that has been done to the tree. If the tree’s structural integrity is good and all that is on the ground are small limbs, then the chance of survival is good. If the tree has experienced root structure damage or damage to the trunk, the structural integrity has been compromised and that means the tree may need to be removed for safety reasons. Even if the tree looks severely damaged, it is the structural integrity that you should look at.

If the tree has been underwater for a few days, then the tree’s stability needs to be assessed over time to see if the flood had an effect on the tree. Trees that grow in flood prone areas seem to adapt well to that environment, so those trees may be fine. The tree species also determines whether or not it will do well underwater for extended periods of time.

When To Hire A Professional

Hiring a Minneapolis tree service after the storm can ensure the survival of your tree. After you have assessed the damage, you can tell us what type of damage the tree has sustained and whether or not the integrity of the structure is in question. If a tree must be removed, we can take care of that. A certified arborist has the knowledge and the experience needed to make a determination about the tree and use the tools and equipment needed to take care of it.

A professional can also take care of pruning the tree after it has been damaged. Proper pruning is very important in that it encourages new growth. The tree should not be topped, which is what happens when the main branches are cut down to stubs. Topping can result in abnormal growth and even result in weaker limbs that are more likely to fall during storms. The natural structural mechanism of the tree must be taken into account when pruning.

Preventing Storm Damage

Storm damage can be prevented by fertilizing, watering, and preventing soil compaction. Dead and weakened limbs should be pruned every year. If you need help in the area of preventative maintenance, all you have to do is let us know.

Contact A Professional Tree Service Today

Trees are vital to our ecosystem, which is why we must take it upon ourselves to care for them. They also add a great deal of natural beauty to our environment. To care for your trees, call us at 1-800-311-3919 for a free quote.