Construction Damage

Unless the trunk of a tree is damaged during construction, it may not be obvious that the tree has been injured. In many cases, the damage may not be evident until years down the road, so this can cause some confusion as to what is causing the tree to wither away when it does.

Construction injuries occur in many ways. Perhaps a trench dug for a gas or other utility line compromised the root system. If the land surrounding the tree was altered in any way, this can interfere with the tree’s drainage system. Once the tree weakens, insects and diseases can invade the tree and make it sick.

Pre-Construction Measures

Before construction begins, it is important to put some measures in place that will avoid damage to the trees on the property. First, make sure construction equipment doesn’t pass over the root zone. Stakes or fencing can be placed around the zone so construction workers cannot enter the area. Second, general construction traffic should be restricted to certain areas. Knowing where the root zone is can also ensure that no pavement is placed over the zone. Pavement over a root zone results in the roots eventually moving upward and pushing that pavement up due to the roots needing to find a way to get what is needed for the survival of the tree.

It is also important to not store anything under the tree. Soil, chemicals, equipment, etc. can be cause for damage. Unfortunately, chemicals and such can leak, penetrate the ground, and then find its way into the tree’s root system. Any equipment stored under the tree can cause damage to the bark.

After Construction

It is ideal for you to check for damage after construction is complete. Things to look for is the ground being compromised in the root zone, damage to the bark, lawn mower or weed trimmer damage, and fill that has been added around the tree trunk. To determine whether or not the construction process put any trees at risk, our Minneapolis tree service can evaluate the area and the tree. If damage has been done, you will receive a free quote to let you know the cost of saving the tree.

Contact An Experienced Tree Service Today

Trees play an important role around homes and businesses. In fact, they are a part of the process that enables us to breathe. That is why we need to take care of them. If you have had any kind of construction occur on your property and need to determine whether or not your trees are okay and/or address any damage, obtain your free quote by calling us at 1-800-311-3919.